About Bullwhip Australian Shepherds

Bullwhip strives to maintain the true, working aussie. As such, our dogs require active owners. Although they are active, they are dogs you can live with in the house. Our pups should excel in just about any dog sport imaginable: agility, obedience, herding, frisbeetm, flyball, tracking, Schutzhund, etc.  Puppies are raised underfoot inside our home and are socialized with adults, children and other dogs from birth. Our breeding schedule is very irregular as we usually only breed when we ourselves have room for a new addition to our small pack. This allows us to provide each individual the opportunity to reach their fullest potential as wonderful companion and competition dogs. Breeding stock are multi-titled and health checked. Prior to being placed, puppies' eyes are cleared and they are temperament tested to ensure the best fit of puppy to buyer. Our homes are screened carefully and a contract is required. We consider every puppy and their buyer a permanent part of our family!

Why the name Bullwhip?
My family has a long Florida history spanning four generations. The state's primary industry, both historically and still today, is based on cattle. The cowboys who drove livestock through the state to market were called "Florida crackers," most historians believe, because of the cracking sound their bullwhips made to keep the herd moving. The tip of a bullwhip can be made to travel at supersonic speeds. When you hear the crack of a bullwhip, you're actually listening to a miniature sonic boom.
About me:

I got my first aussie in 1989, having never heard of the breed prior and acting soley on the comment of a friend that "Aussies are supposed to be really smart!" It has been a match made in heaven ever since, but I believe the dogs have taught me more than I have taught them. Together, my dogs and I have trained and trialed in all manner of dogs sports: DVG/USA Schutzhund (tracking, obedience and protection), UKC/ASCA/NADAC agility, UKC/ASCA obedience, AHBA/ASCA herding, and Alpo dog disc events. My dogs and I have volunteered in hospital settings providing pet-assisted physical therapy to patients recovering from spinal injuries. We have also starred on TV ("That's My Dog!" 1992) and film ("Beyond the Soul" 2002). I have written several published articles describing my experience with "That's My Dog!" as well as motivational methods for tracking and obedience training.