August 29, 1994 - January 2, 2004

(CH UCDX UAGI Lokei's Mistletoe SchHA TR1 CDX WH BH TT CGC TDI x Clay's Awsome Amy)

2003 UKC Agility II All Star #18

Bravo was such a fun and loving dog. In agility, he was a sheer joy to show: fast, accurate, quiet, and responsive. Moderately built and coated, he was 21.5" tall and weighed 45 pounds. Originally raised and trained as a Schutzhund dog, we switched to the sport of agility after moving to Chicago in 1998. From 1999 to 2001, Bravo took a break from training and competition while I worked on starting a family of my own. Bravo picked up agility quickly and went on to earn titles from ASCA, NADAC, and UKC, including a high combined in trial award. When he ran, he almost always placed. After siring his first and only litter of puppies in May 2002, he went on to star in an independent film titled "Beyond the Soul," in which he played a human reincarnated as a dog.

In April of 2003, he was diagnosed with advanced chronic renal failure. I managed his condition longer than the vets ever expected with the help of the K9KidneyDiet and K9KIDNEY discussion groups on Yahoo! Since he did not act as sick as he was, we decided to continue competing him for as long as he wanted since that is what he loved doing most. Having previously obtained his Schutzhund BH obedience title in 1997, we decided to compete for his UCD obedience title, which he earned easily.  He also competed at the 2003 ASCA Nationals where he took 3rd and 4th places in the 16" Veteran's Novice Regular B runs, and 2nd in the 16" Novice Veteran's Jumpers round. He also earned one leg toward his ASCA CD at the National Preshow. In his last 8 months, he completed his UACH, JV-N and TN-N agility titles, and finished #18 in the 2003 UKC Agility II All Stars program. By the time he was no longer able to continue competing, he was ready to begin trialling in the UKC AGIII class. Unfortuately, time ran out on us.

He could do some amazing leaps and flips for frisbees, which he loved. In his younger days, Bravo was known for stealing entire loaves of bread off the kitchen counter -- without actually touching the counter since he could stand effortlessly on his rear legs. He also invented his own game: He would get a raquetball, slobber it up, lay on the floor, and roll it with great accuracy using his nose to our feet. He then taught us to step on the ball using the edge of the foot, sending the ball popping up into the air so he could catch it and repeat the sequence. He was also a master at unstuffing kong toys: he would hold it in his mouth while laying on his back so the food simply fell in as he compressed the opening. With buster cubes, he would take them to the top landing and roll them down the stairs to get maximum treats for minimum effort.

He had no shortage of brains or heart and we miss him terribly, We are eternally grateful to him for giving us his daughter Cyren to continue the lineage and legacy set forth by both Bravo and Bravo’s sire, Lokei.

SchH Bravo 
  Bravo loved the