UAGI Windsor's Fistful O'Dynamite "Nitro" RS-E JS-E GS-E NJC DNA-VP

April 11, 2003 - December 22, 2016


(HOF Windsor's Bad Boy OTDs ATDd CSD DNA-VP x
HOF WTCH Diamond S Dox Sidkick RTDs DNA-CP)

Of all the aussies I have owned, Nitro was just more than special. He had the most wonderful temperament: he was not afraid of anything, I never had to worry about him being aggressive with other dogs or people, he was simply a joy to live and train with. He certainly made me a better agility handler as his speed required me to be faster and get more distance on him. When he wasn't barking "loud and proud" out on the agility course, he was usually snuggled up with us, asking to have his face rubbed, digging in his one allowed hole, catching frisbees, or playing with his squeaky toys -- which was very proud of. Other dogs would instantly rip all the stuffing out of their plush toys. Not Nitro. He left this world with toys he had had since puppyhood still intact and in perfect squeaking condition.

HIT Aussie FASA agility trial 9/29/12
HIT Aussie, Sunshine State ASC agility trial, 3/3/07
1st place Novice Std Jumpers 20"+ class 2005 ASCA National Breed Specialty

Black tri (red factored)
21", 45 pounds

AKC & ASCA registered
Full Dentition, Scissors bite

OFA Good
CERF (2003 &2009)
Clear of Hereditary Cataract HSF4 mutation
MDR1 mutant/normal

Frozen semen available to approved bitches

Nitro's pedigree