UACHX Bullwhip's Dynamic Turbo RS-O JS-O GS-O NAC NJC TN-N TG-N CGC

May 28, 2002 - May 30, 2015

Bullwhip's Dynamic
  Bergert's Alivia Meadow Creek OTDs RTDs STDdc)

Turbo was apparently meant to be mine, as the first potential buyer who named him decided she couldn’t commit to an aussie puppy and then the second one who actually took him returned him in December 2003 because he was “aggressive” and “wouldn’t do agility.” Despite a contract which stipulated no compulsive training methods or aids, a prong collar was used to compel him to do agility and then he was blamed for the results. I accepted Turbo back since, having bred him, he was ultimately my responsibility even though my hands were quite full at the time with my then four-year-old son, Turbo’s sister Cyren, their ailing father Bravo, their fifteen-year-old grandfather Lokei, and eight-month-old puppy Nitro (who I had bought thinking I would soon have only Cyren left!) Now, I had two young dogs to train and Turbo who required the hardest training of all: retraining. Turbo’s earlier experiences left him conflicted and unpredictable. He didn’t always find agility training fun as he anticipated the compulsion he had previously known. This resulted in times where he ran fast and beautifully, and others where he poked around the course as if it were punishment. Despite all this baggage, we competed in DACOF on the 4th place Saints team in 2007 and the 8th place Sinners team in 2006, we completed all his ASCA open agility titles, and we earned his U-ACHX. I did not ask more of him since he did agility only because deep down he just wanted to please me. His accomplishments are amazing given what we had to overcome to achieve them. My fondest memory of him was watching him out in the yard biting at the handle of the garden hose nozzle in an attempt to turn the water on for himself. Turbo was just a smart, goofy, lovable dog with a lot of issues and, despite all his quirks, he will still be deeply missed.

photo by Alissa
photo by In Motion

4th place team, DTCSP Saints, 2007 DACOF competition!!!
8th place team, DTCSP Sinners, 2006 DACOF competition!!!

Black tri, red factored
21.6" at the shoulder, 45 pounds
Full Dentition, scissors bite
OFA Good / Eyes certified clear / Thyroid normal

Turbo's pedigree